In Northern California found a treasure of gold coins!

Again, the news from Northern California, in which we all know as the Wild West.

A married couple living in one of the towns of California have uncovered a treasure of gold coins worth more than 10 million dollars!






finding $10 million in rare gold coins buried on their property-1

Husband as always walking his dog and saw peeking out from the edge of the earth tin. He pulled it out of the ground and brought it home. His wife saw the bank said that there is paint ... The husband pulled the cover and started to break the bank and it fell out of gold coins. Husband and wife have taken a shovel and returned to the place of discovery of the first banks. Within an hour, they dug another 7 cans. All banks were gold coins. More than half of the coins were in a completely new condition.


Total proved 1400 gold coins of 5, 10 and 20 dollars. Year from 1847 until 1894. The total amount of the face value was $ 28,000. Sales Price treasure trove of more than 10 million dollars. It should be noted that happy treasure hunters decided not to clean coins yourself ... that has saved them about 3 million dollars. Shelled coins lose in price about 30% of their value. If all these coins melted and evaluated only as gold, its cost would be about $ 1 million.


Gold dollars in banks were not randomly sprinkled ... They piled data. Probably people collect coins, collecting them for a long time and filled the pot after pot ... Probably he died and will never share the secret of gold, which he saved can last a lifetime. And gold went to strangers who just bought his house many years later ...


Pulling out all the gold coins from the cans, the husband and wife are interspersed in a plastic bag, and the package hidden in wood. After several days of deliberation, they decided to pass on the discovery for evaluation and cleansing numismatic firm. So they asked their address and names were kept secret, and that they had been promised. Numismatists disassembled and cleaned coins. After that, the coins were transferred to a company to determine their quality and authenticity: - Professional Coin Grading Service. All the coins were not fakes. At this time, the coin went to Amazon and Ebey auction for sale.


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